How to filter particular TypeScript errors in build result

Hi interwebz. I just want to share this short poor man’s fix when migrating TypeScript to filter out some particular errors in TypeScript build. Why the hell you (might) need it? So what would be the common use case , why to bother mask/mute errors…

How to create simple DTO “object” in PowerShell

Why this sample : I needed simple and short solution for creating custom DTO objects with simple logic for later reuse elsewhere. Function essentialy takes “constructor” argument and returns object with properties that have getters with small piece of logic and are using constructor parameter….

Simple PowerShell snippet to search file or array for content

Since I play these days a lot with PowerShell I need from time to time some simple functionality. Sometimes dead simple. Like today , snippet to search file content or array of data if you will and return true/false if text is present in it….

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio 2013 – unable to run and/or debug PowerShell script – execution policies problem

The problem : Some time ago I wrote this article : about my problems running and debugging PowerShell scripts in VS 2012 with help of – PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio 2012 – wonderful tool by Adam Driscoll. Currently after switching to Windows 8.1 + VS…

How to split string in PowerShell with multiple delimiters

Hello world. I just wanted to share with you one simple stupid snippet (please note, I am PowerShell newbie so have mercy and if there is any better way, please share in comments, thank you). Because in my current work we need to parse and…