How to fix Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Google sync problems

If you experience similar problems as many other users of Meizu here : , I just tried this “poor man fix” and it seems to work on my device.

1. On this link – download tools and root your phone. There is maybe 1 small thing to note. When you restart your phone to Fastboot (via volume down + power button), you must connect your phone with USB cable and then run the .bat file. (indeed, if you are power user and already have root, skip this)

2. In this thread –, there is a discussion about how to fix the problem. For me these steps worked :

1- Download & Install BuildProp Editor
2- Go to menu > + New
3 – add these two properties:

Name: dalvik.vm.dex2oat-filter
Value: interpret-only

Name: dalvik.vm.image-dex2oat-filter
Value: speed

PS: BuildProp Editor requires root access.

Thanks everyone that found out and let us have our phones back + shame on you Xiaomi.


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