Visual Studio 2017 update 15.9.0 – Package ‘Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Emulator.Msi, version=5.7.0’ failed to install.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to install latest update of VS 2017 15.9.0. Unfortunately at the end I was notified about minor problem I reported here :

The problem with solution is, that I had nothing more running on my machine (I installed after hours, at home, not to trash bandwidth at work) and that the solution was for a different package. MS guys closed the problem tagging it as duplicate and pointed me to older error report that is closed with result : its already fixed. Thank you MS, very helpful!

While looking at the error, you can see this path :


I was looking for the package all over the internet, but I was not able to find standalone installer of Microsoft Azure Storage Emulator with version 5.7.0 (maybe just me and there is a common place to find all these packages).

But, if you peek in this folder (with version number at the end), you should be able to find installer there, yay!!!
You won, if you have the problematic installer and can install it by hand 🙂
Hope this helps.


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