How to convince Facebook to display your panorama pictures like 360 ones

April 13, 2018

Facebook for some time now has the possibility to upload and display your pictures as 360 ones. But you don’t need to have 360 photos from some special HW camera. All you need to do is to make a big enough photo and tell Facebook to display the photo as 360 one.

I am not sure about the minimal size of picture that could be displayed as 360 but all my old panoramas were OK when I tested.

I found not much relevant articles about this problem but here is one from FB itself that will explain much.

Tool you need :

exiftool –

How to :

exiftool -Make=”Apple” -Model=”iPhone 6s” your_photo.jpg

This will add EXIF information to the file, claiming it was created by iPhone with model iPhone 6s. Now I haven’t really investigated about models that are fine for FB. I suppose from before mentioned FB page, FB would be also fine with some 360 camera makers EXIFs. It is really funny that pictures that are OK in all ways are not displayed as 360 just because of this EXIF. Maybe some day we will get a checkbox to display our pictures as 360 from some size.

Hope this helps.

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