How to notify all people in channel or in team using Microsoft Teams

January 12, 2017

So you switched from Slack to Microsoft Teams (just to see what’s new, test what MS cooked for us, it’s free so why the hell not) and rest of the team said yes, we should stick with it for some time.

1 of the thing we ran into is (and you might as well) : when using Slack, you have notifications about new message in channel. I am running Microsoft Teams Version and I don’t have this kind of thing. That is confusing. Is that feature? Bug?

Doesn’t matter, will see in next release. For now, this is what did the job for us :

  1. Choose a team
  2. Click on the 3 dots having tooltip : “More options”
  3. View team
  4. Settings
  5. Feature settings

teams settings teams feature settings

So if enabled (should be enabled by default) you can use handles @team and @channel to notify everyone about something that needs their attention.

Hope this helps.

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Written by Dušan Roštár - the "mr edge case" guy
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