How to turn on developer errors in Microsoft CRM 2011 (aka Titan or 5.0)

Developing for Microsoft CRM can be a big pain sometimes. Often, there is an error on the server, but there is only generic note for normal (understand user) customer. We as devs need stack trace and other fancy things and bells and whistles. I remember, that Microsoft CRM 4.0 had this possibility and it could be done via some 3rd party tool that another developer created and for me it was just checking a checkbox.

Moving to CRM 2011 I had feeling, that there must be a way to turn this thing on again (and turn off in production indeed).

So, if you want to turn developer erros on your dev CRM 2011 , you should go to the web.config and search for this text :

Show Developer Errors
If a server-side error occurs, this setting determines whether or not Debug error
messages are rendered to the user.  Debug error message are not recommended for
production environments, but may be useful in attempting to debug a problem you are
having with MSCRM.
Recommended Setting: “Off”
Values: “On” or “Off”
<add key=”DevErrors” value=”On” />

Setting On and Off will change your web.config file and thus restarting the whole app, but you have a sweet reward. Anytime there will be crash, you will see something like this :
detailed error information crm 2011

On the left you can see big icons with some additional information :

  • Detailed information on error that occured,
  • Original ASP.NET error information (famous ASP.NET yellow screen of the death),
  • Debug information for this server,
  • Generic error that the user would see,
  • Button that will copy some error information to the clipboard.

So, hope this helps. 🙂



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  1. Gabriel · July 7, 2011

    Thanks for this!

  2. dusan · July 7, 2011

    YW Gabriel 🙂